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 THE GUNN SHOP  The Syndicate Project
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See the Trailer for the Episode 2 of Gamers Abroad,

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 Machinima  Machinima Respawn
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Click here to watch Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Unusual Kills: Episode 34 by Anoj

Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Amazing Kills: Episode 35 by Anoj

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Black Ops Accepted Submissions:
Episode 37: Wager Match Moments
Episode 38: Epic Fails
Episode 39: Search and Destroy Kills
Episode TBA: Killcams
Episode TBA: Freakout Reactions

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Click here to watch Call of Duty: Black Ops: CRAZIEST SCHOOL RIOT! by I2awInstinct (BO Gameplay/Commentary)

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Modern Warfare 3's BEST MULTIPLAYER FEATURES! (BO Gameplay/Commentary)

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For my top 5 plays:

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